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Expertise. Service. Day-to-Day Involvement.

J.R. Bruno has been the business lending community's consultant of choice since 1995. The reasons: We have the expertise, ability and range of services in every area of business lending to produce profitable results. There's another reason our clients stay with us and continue to refer our services: We care. We care about each client's needs, their business goals – and their people.

Caring individual attention is our hallmark. We're there every step of the way, whatever the need. If you're an experienced lender enhancing and

expanding your business lending program, we're here for you. If you're just entering this lending marketplace, we'll get your program off and running and stay with you as long as you need us. If you're a business looking for financing, we've matched many businesses with lenders who can meet their needs. And if you have issues, we'll work with you to address them head-on and do what's needed to get them solved. To join our hundreds of satisfied clients, Contact JRB

"After working with thousands of small businesses over the years, our associates are responsible for financing more than 3,500 business through our lender clients and over $875 million in small businesses loans. Because of this expertise, we can shorten the learning curve and train lenders on the ins and outs of working with businesses and building relationships with them."

Brad Crosley, Senior Associate
J.R. Bruno & Associates