J.R. Bruno & Associates
MBL FAQs FOR CUs With more than 150 years of combined experienced in commercial lending our JRB Team provides a complete range of expert, tailored solutions for all your small business lending needs. Here are answers to commonly asked questions about our services. For more information or to schedule an in-person or phone meeting Contact JRB.

Q: Our credit union does not currently make Member Business Loans, but we are interested in new products and revenue sources. Can we get assistance in setting up an MBL product?

J.R. Bruno & Associates has worked with many credit unions to design, develop and market an MBL program. Our company meets the NCUA experience requirement and will train your staff in MBL lending. After 24 months, key staff members can be trained to administer as much of your MBL program as you chose with JRB there to pick up any slack.

Q: Local community banks are pursuing our member deposits offering business loans. How can we compete with an MBL product to protect our membership and deposit base?

Credit union members like to bank with their credit union. They appreciate the personal attention and service your credit union provides. They generally leave only if they need a service you don't offer. An MBL program protects you from a major source of deposit theft by community banks. Your solution is to establish a business lending program and actively tell your members that you can now meet their business lending needs. JRB can show you how to get things going and get the word out to your members.

Q: We have no one on staff with the required minimum business lending experience. Can we get help and training?

For your initial MBL effort, J.R. Bruno & Associates can be your qualified lending team. As we work with you, we will train your staff to step into their roles once they have met the NCUA's requirement. There is no limit to how many staff members we train, so you can have both core staff and backup ready to meet your needs.

Q: Our credit union prides itself on its member service. Can we get MBL lending training for all levels of our staff?

Absolutely, our training can cover your staff from tellers to Loan Committee members. Training is strategically targeted at what each staff member needs to know and is available to help them grow in their business lending knowledge.

Q: We have looked at the cost of business loan documentation software and it is too expensive for a new untried product. Are there alternative sources for business loan software?

We can offer the services of our strategic partner, Edocs Express, for loan documentation. They offer a secure online source for business loan documentation using the industry standard software on a per-loan basis. Not only do you get top quality bonded loan documentation, but you pay for it only when needed and can pass that cost on to your members if you choose.