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FAQs With more than 150 years of combined experienced in commercial lending our JRB Team provides a complete range of expert, tailored solutions for all your small business lending needs. Here are answers to commonly asked questions about our services. For more information or to schedule an in-person or phone meeting Contact JRB.


Q: You list portfolio management among JRB's services. Can you define portfolio management?

Portfolio management starts with a review of your SBA loan portfolio to determine compliance with SBA rules and regulations as well as servicing standards. Issues identified in the review are corrected and procedures are installed to maintain compliance going forward. If a servicing or liquidation case arises, JRB will prepare the needed documentation to submit to the SBA for their review and approval.

Q: Do you assist in obtaining SBA750 approval?

We will work with your institution to develop the documentation required for SBA approval by the District Office. Additionally, JRB will assist in policy development and procedures implementation of SBA lending to assure compliance in the department implementation.

Q: Do you have so many clients that your staff could be too busy to meet our demands?

We limit the number of clients we work with so that each receives the attention they require. Each client is assigned a Project Manager who will coordinate resources to meet your volumes and deadlines. We carefully monitor the needs of our clients to be sure we are responsive to their needs. If your institution has a special project we can rally resources to meet the need.

Q: Do you provide training and assistance with selling loans on the secondary market?

There are several strategies available to you in selling loans that depend on the individual needs and goals of you institution. We will work with you to develop your individual strategy and put your loans out to bid with a variety of broker-dealers to get top dollar for your bottom line.


Q: Our organization has never done SBA loans, how do we go about getting SBA approval?

The process begins with an assessment your organization's goals and needs regarding SBA lending. We will coordinate the preparation and submission of the required documents to the SBA for their approval.

Q: To participate in SBA loans, do we need a special policy, or can we use our current policies with SBA modifications?

Your institution's commercial loan policy is the basic guide for SBA lending. It is critical that SBA loans be treated the same as your regular commercial loans. A separate SBA policy should be developed for the particulars of the program, however it should be tied into your regular commercial policy loan guidelines.

Q: Our staff has no experience with SBA loans. Where can we get training?

J.R. Bruno & Associates is the premier source of training in all aspects of SBA lending. With a combination of classroom lectures and a manual of reference material, we provide both general and targeted training for specific staff functions. For key staff members we provide individual training and consulting in their specific job function.

Q: What is the best way to market SBA loans to our customers and the community?

SBA lending is an additional tool or "arrow in the quiver" for your sales staff. JRB can assist your sales staff with training that is targeted at getting your SBA program out to the public. The old adage in lending is that "nothing sells like a closed loan" so don't be afraid of publicizing your closed loans and getting a reputation for doing SBA deals.


Q: I understand that SBA lending can be very profitable. How do we participate in the guaranty loan secondary market?

Once you have funded your first SBA loan, we recommend that you sell the guarantee in the secondary market, just to learn how it works. JRB staff will teach you how to sell your loans and give you a choice of strategy options so that you can select the option that best meets the needs of your organization. We will provide bid sheets and give you contacts with a variety of broker dealers to assure the best bid for your loan. We provide further training in the paperwork required to close the sale.

Q: SBA has specialized forms for both application and loan closing. Our current software does not have these forms. Where can we get these forms and learn how to prepare them?

As a client of J.R. Bruno & Associates we will supply you with an SBA loan application customized for your institution. Our staff has the capability to package your loans in accordance with SBA requirements for approval. More important, we can teach you the SBA application process and assist you in selecting software as your SBA effort progresses. If you chose not to purchase software, JRB can be your outsource service for both application and closing forms. The choice is yours.